Sunday, November 13, 2016

Start small

Where do we go from here?
Put aside the anger, sadness and shock, and when I am on social media, that's the great unknown most of my friends seem to be struggling with.
We should do something.
But what?
Short answer, maybe, is something. Anything. The journey of a thousand steps, a small pebble makes big ripples, etc etc etc.
We can't all do all the things all at once. So start small. I'm mostly convinced that we got into the mess in this first place not because we did the wrong things, but because we didn't do anything. Other than voting, I know I didn't do a hell of a lot.
Start small. Know that no matter what you do, there will be someone who tells you that whatever you are doing won't matter, that you should be doing this instead of that. This will come from people who you believe are on your side, don't even contemplate what those who are against you will say.
But don't let that stop you, if you believe in that one small thing and take action, it will matter more than all the lofty, unkept goals you can ever imagine.
Leslie is working on petitions to overturn the electoral college process. We are figuring out companies that do not deserve our support. Frankly, I've heard Papa John's makes some pretty crappy pizza as it is. But we will never know for sure, now.
I'm planning on attending the Salem Democratic City Committee meeting at the end of the month, when I am no longer a working member of the press. Is this a huge commitment? No. Is it a bigger commitment than I've made in my 28 years as a registered Democratic voter? Yes. My voice will be heard, even if it is at the smallest level possible.
And I will write. I'll keep writing. I am back in this now.
Talk minus action equals zero.


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