Saturday, January 28, 2006

You're doing a heck of a job, Bushie

Carrie was one of the 1,500 or so people who were called for an L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll that shows that people aren't all that thrilled with our Commander-in-Chief.

Luckily, she answered the phone when the pollster called. If I had answered the phone, chances are I would have been too engrossed in King of the Hill to take part, possibly creating a chance that the L.A. Times would have called someone who thought the president is doing at least some small part of his job well.

Of course, maybe the president will use his State of the Union address to finally explain why we're in Iraq . . . oh yeah, I think he's already tried that one a couple of times. Maybe he can point out how well his administration responds in times of a natural dis. . .umm, never mind. There's always the bump he can get from his steadfast defense of the Constitu. . ., ahh, wait a minute. Maybe the president should just be happy he has any percentage of people who think he does something positive.


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