Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ready Set Crawl

Baby Boy EC, eight-months old, is getting pretty good at the crawling thing.

The only caveat to that is that he is getting pretty good at crawling when he is butt naked. Oh sure, when he has pampers, a onesie, and pants on, he can scooch a bit, get up on all fours and rock around.

But strip him done so he can feel the breeze of the fresh air on his little boy bits, and he suddenly becomes Carl Lewis at the '84 Olympics. Which can make changing pampers a bit of an adventure these days. Soon as the second velcro latch is undone, he's pivoting like Kevin Mchale in his prime and is halfway to the dining room, pumping his little arms and legs as fast as he can, bum up, scooting straight ahead like a little man with someplace to be.

It's all very cute, and you want to call the wife and the grandparents and uncle over to watch BB EC go, but at some point, you realize you're playing with fire. Or more accurately, playing with pee. Because, although theoritcally BB EC has been stripped of a freshly peed pamper and there should be a urine-free grace period, I have discovered that eight-month olds don't always like to stick to the theoratical world, and don't give a darn about when or where they pee. And since we are all living at grammy's house for the time being, the issue of where he pees becomes even more of a third-rail issue, even if we can always blame the barely house-trained corgi.

Once we get the pamper back on, it's like BB EC has been exposed to baby kryptonite, and he's suddenly back to barely rocking in place.

Who knows, maybe BB EC is on to something. If I'd only run my cross-country meets with no shorts on... well, I guess I wouldn't have been doing anyone any favors.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Seasons greeting

Merry Christmas all

I have a very bouncy BB EC in one arm, so I'm typing the best I can with one hand.

Hopefully be more updates soon, including the story of our almost finished(I think) housing hunt.