Saturday, June 10, 2006

Seven-stop shopping

It was a sure sign of summer being on the way today as Carrie and I made our first trip of the season to our farm stands, bringing Eric along for the ride to experience our multi-pronged approach to grocery shopping (You really have to stop at a separate store for yogurt? he asks. Of course we do.) Nothing like shopping at a farm stand on yet another windy, rainy, cold Saturday to get you in the mood for summer. Still, darn it, we didn’t let the weather get in our way as we stopped at Canaan Farms in Wenham (on their opening day, no less) and then made a side trip to Russell Orchards in Ipswich.

I really do like farm stands, with their delicious arrays of native-grown, brightly colored and arranged vegetables. This is a pretty neat trick,since I don’t actually like eating vegetables all that much. There’s a story in me somewhere about fake vomiting the carrots my mother made when I was 7-years-old (on the plus side, I was almost never made to eat veggies again.)

In all fairness, I am much more likely to eat vegetables in the summer, when I can cook (or overcook, burn, char) them on the grill. Yay, grilling. As long as I’m burning it over a charcoal flame, I would probably enjoy old socks and sneaker soles cooked on the grill.
So we pick up some impressive looking greens, tomatoes, and peppers at Canaan Farms that I’ll soon be pushing across my plate and we head to Russell Orchards, where we pick up a bottle of cider and some pancake mix, but unfortunately, the strawberries aren’t ready yet...
which means we head pack to Canaan Farms to pick up some strawberries before heading to the Market Basket in Danvers. In one of the day's nicest surprises, the Market Basket is only moderately busy, not the Disney World during February school vacation busy that it usually is on a Saturday. After the Market Basket, it’s off to Henry’s for the yogurt, and then we notch up a new stop on our shopping tour, Rowand’s Fish Market near the Beverly-Salem bridge.

Just for good measure, later in the day, Eric and I make a quick snack run to the Fruitful Basket. And Crosby’s. And Wild Oats. All-in-all, we’re rounding into shape for our Saturday shopping expeditions, even if there was no need to stop at Trader Joe’s this weekend.


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