Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A brief note from the management

There has been a decided lack of amusing anecdotes in Endangered Coffeeland over the past month. I have failed to break any household appliances, I haven't driven the Corrolla into any solid objects, and I have not had any blood drawn, thereby ensuring that I get woozy and pass out.
While all of this is good news in the course of my eveeryday life, it kind of sucks when it comes to posting amusing anecdotes on the interwebs. About the worst thing I've done lately is get in trouble with Mrs. Endangered Coffee for my recycling rebelliousness. Yes, I would like to save the planet, but sometimes, damnit, I just want to throw the plastic Swiss Miss pudding containers in the trash when I'm done eating them. Oh yeah, and I had a letter to the editor printed in my hometown newspaper where I may or may not have insulted the town manager. I haven't seen the actual copy of the paper yet, so I'm not sure if the full brunt of my stinging wit was kept intact.
There is also other big news brewing in the Endangered Coffee household that will undoubtedly lead to many embarrassing moments/stories, but I will hold off on mentioning anymore about that until some time next month.

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