Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend plans, redux

So it is now Monday evening and I managed to successfully not paint the bedroom and the bathroom over the weekend.

But before you start thinking me to be too much of a lazy slug, I want you to know that I did complete several unexciting home projects over the weekend and the decision to not paint went down pretty painlessly.

On Saturday morning, I emptied out all of the tomato containers and brought all of the pots and stakes down to the basement. Did I mention that we had at least 15 individual containers of tomato plants this year along with a few pepper plants? This task was kind of time consuming but not all that unpleasant. It was kind of like working on a very dirty assembly line while sidestepping rotten tomatoes. After pulling out the stakes and dead plants and bringing a couple of pots down the stairs and outside to dump the soil, I actually started to get into a groove where I felt myself to be a man of the soil, tilling (or, in this case, untilling) the soil. A few heavy terra cotta pots later, this feeling went away, but it was nice while it lasted.

Unfortunately, Carrie wasn't feeling all that hot on Saturday, so I selflessly suggested that we not try to worry about painting both rooms over the weekend and just try to start the bathroom on Sunday. This gameplan is quickly agreed to and we spend the rest of the day productively watching most of the programs that have begun to get backlogged on our DVR.

On Sunday morning, there is still the potential for us to get paint for the bathroom and begin that project. That potential begins to decline when it's 10:30 and we're still in bed reading the Sunday paper. We do manage to get moving shortly after that and make it to the laundromat, which is then followed by grocery shopping. By the time we get home, it's close to 5 p.m., and nary a paintbrush has been lifted in anger all weekend. But, in the course of putting away my laundry, I do undertake the task of putting away my summer clothes, hanging up my winter clothes, AND cleaning out my bureau, a process that largely consists of matching like socks and throwing out any T-shirts with unsightly stains. I figure that undertaking the total clothes rearrangement project with little prodding should earn me some points.

Of course, we still have two rooms that need to be painted, but there's always next weekend.


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