Thursday, October 05, 2006

Really bad post for therapeutic purposes

Does it really count as writer's block when I can't put together a blog entry for more than two weeks? Kind of makes it sound like I'm trying to do something much more important and artistic than I really am. It's not like I'm working on the Great American Novel and I've lost my focus just as Ahab is about to harpoon the whale or Gatsby does, well, something Great or whatever the hell it was that Gatsby did.

Nope, for me, writer's block just means that I haven't had the focus to update the nearly dozen of family and friends who are waiting for me to spin a tale of something stupid, embarrassing, or funny that has happened to me in the recent or not so recent past. God knows, it's not like I've run out of material. I still have the marriage blood test story in my back pocket, and I probably have years of fun-filled hilarity to relate just focusing on my many cars and the inevitable breakdown and/or disappearance of said cars. For as long as I take breath on this planet and I am either positioned behind a steering wheel or forced into awkward situations with other human beings, there will be an Endangered Coffee.

Maybe I've been thinking too much about writing. Maybe I should just put my computer away for a little while and pick up another hobby.

Like woodworking or home improvement.

Who I am I kidding? At least with writing, there is little chance that I'll ever saw off one of my fingers.

Although that probably would make a great story if I did have some sort of home improvement accident involving a ladder, a bandsaw, and a bucket of spackle. After the bleeding stopped, of course.


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