Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random thoughts, 12/15

Devils Night Radio, available online and on iTunes radio under the alternative stream, is the greatest thing since sliced radio bread. Is it too obvious to say commercial radio sucks? Well, okay, sometimes I am obvious, it sucks and is dying a tortured, drawn out death. Satellite radio, iTunes, Pandora, and Lastfm are all viable options, but there is still something about an actual radio program, station, programmed by real people that can surprise you in ways that listening to your own record, mp3 collection can't.

And the fact that there is a radio station out there streaming over the waves of the internet that will play Dean Martin, Fear, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash, the Church, and the Real Kids within the same hour, and it wasn't programmed by me, warms my little musical heart, gives me hope that there is one small bastion of musical good taste holding strong against the forces of the GaGas, jonases, chris browns, ad whatever the hell sells for big time rocknroll these days.

I actually had higher hopes for this article about why one sports fan decided to pack it in, but it just kind of sat there and fizzled.

In short, I enjoy watching sports, but I do not belong to that segment of the sporting population that lives and dies by how the local team does. Red Sox on? Beats the hell out of three hours of reality crap programming on television. Red Sox blow a playoff game in astoundingly dumbfoundingly puzzling fashion? Well, I'll sleep tonight. The endless fascination over who will rotate in and out of left field or who will bat sixth during road games? Yeah, well, I've killed enough brain cells on my own and don't really feel the need to puzzle that one out in my spare time.


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