Thursday, November 07, 2013

There was no Smiths song title that seemed appropriate for this post. Football.

I preface this by saying that by the time Stephen Gostkowski kicks the ball past Mercury Morris Jr. or whatever guy is standing in the Dolphins end zone next Monday night, I'll probably be watching the game.
Hell, by the time Iona plays the University of Franklin State College tonight on FoxSports 7, there's a chance I'll be watching.
But it's getting harder and harder to watch football, especially professional football, each week. The ghost of the undead Steve Grogan have mercy on my soul.
And this has been coming about for some time. I mean, a bunch of braindead steroid cases down in Miami sticking up for their buddy and explaining away when it is and not okay to laugh about calling a co-worker a half-nigger doesn't help. But it has been coming for some time.
Every time a player gets carted off the field, every concussion, every torn ACL and separated body part I failed to study in Biology brings me a little closer to thinking a Sunday spent watching Househunters, International would be a better use of my time.
It's a little too simplistic to compare Football to all that fancy Gladitorial stuff that some folks like to do, but the fact remains that watching football requires a healthy suspension of humanization.
We tell ourselves its okay because Football players choose to play Football, and make a shit-ton of money to do it. Like there is some bell curve where increased fortune makes it okay for us to enjoy the pain of others.
And I know I'll still watch, and enjoy it, then enjoy it a little less with every third-stringer who comes in to replace the second-stringer who replaced the starter who is doing just fine, thank you very much, and will be rehabbing and back in four to six weeks, until the point when he retires, and we forget about him until we realize the average life expectancy for a professional Football player is about a year or two older than I am right now.
I get it, it's a violent sport. And while I'm torn, there will be a part of me that still enjoys it. And I really have no problem with anyone else that enjoys watching Football.
And there will be a part of me that appreciates the irony that my two favorite athletes are Muhammad Ali and Marvin Hagler.
But I get the feeling there is going to be a part of me that enjoys Football a little less with every game and every hit.
And those houses in Cancun sure look sweet.


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