Monday, September 13, 2010

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I have the alarm set early so I can head out to the track tomorrow morning. Just so you all don't think I'm getting all Roger Bannister four-minute mile on you, I am heading to my town's local walking track. Seemed prudent not to get too carried away with this running thing too quickly. Well, running might be too strong a word, seeing as I have mostly been walking the track with the occasional jogging lap thrown in for fun, usually ending up with me clomping around like a slow, drunken Clydesdale.

The benefit of hanging out at the walking track at 630 am is that it makes me seem relatively spry and athletic compared to my fellow workout fanatics. It helps that I am the youngest person on the track by a good 30 years. And that I don't have a cane. In all fairness, my third of a mile splits have totally blown away cane man's time.

I'm also pretty sure the regulars are suspicious of my newfangled Ipod technology. Just so I don't raise any hackles tomorrow morning, I may have to leave it at home and bring my AM transistor radio. But God bless the old timers, at least they are exercising, which is more than I've been doing until last week.Hopefully my knees will hold up and I can graduate to the running track. And I'll be damned if the guy in the Rascal laps me again.


Blogger Suldog said...

Hey, best of luck on the exercise. Now that my softball season is over, I'm done exercising until Spring :-)

5:01 PM  

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