Friday, June 16, 2006

My major accomplishment of the day

Yes, it was quite an amazing feat today, as I managed to take the six ties that have been left in my car over the past month and brought them inside. I even made it so far to hand said ties up in my closet on my tie hanger.

Now, on the face of things, dear reader, this may not seem like a task that would carry such weight as being my major accomplishment of the day, but to consider the full magnitude of the task, you must take several facts into consideration:

1) I do not lead a very exciting life.
True, bringing the ties in from my car pales in comparison to my preventative home maintenance the other night, but then again it isn’t everyday that I break out the power drill. Of course, when I do break out the power drill, there is the added excitement in the fact that I always forget to charge the damn thing. Which means that the other night, I spent the better part of a half-hour standing in front of the medicine cabinet after I undrilled one of the screws holding it to the wall, trying to keep the medicine cabinet from falling with one hand and trying to get the drill battery into the charger with the other. Eventually, it all worked out, a I completed the Herculean task of removing one screw holding the medicine cabinet to the wall and screwing it into a new location in the hopes that it will give us at least one more year of the medicine cabinet not crashing to the floor. Needless to say, Carrie was very impressed with my proactive display of manly toolfulness. But I digress. This type of excitement does not happen every day, leading the pride I take in today’s accomplishment of bringing my ties in from the car.

2)Bringing the ties in from my car is something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks.
So how do the ties get left in my car in the first place? Well, the first most obvious reason is because I have to wear a tie to work. I won’t address the whole issue of how I feel about having to wear a tie to work everyday (well four out of five days), mainly because my boss occasionally reads my blog, so the less said about that, the better. Let’s just say, that as soon as I’m out the door, the tie is off and has ben flung into the back seat. And by the time I get home, it would be just too much of an effort to reach into the back seat, lift the tie up, and carry it inside with me, even if it was on my mind to do such a thing. So the tie stays in the back seat until it is joined by several of its brothers. Of course, there is some upside to not bringing my ties back into the house, since it means I don’t necessarily have to worry about picking out a tie from my closet in the morning. Which means that for the past month, I’ve basically been recycling the same three or four of my ties, no matter what I’m wearing. In fact, it’s not all that unusual for me to wear my one go-to tie (blue and green checks) several times a week. There is a certain economy to dressing in this method of picking my ties from the back seat, but it has also left me feeling guilty about wearing any other ties I have in my closet, since I know in my heart that it will only end up getting left in my car with others, and I will eventually reach the tipping point where I have more ties in my car than I do in my closet. So I have been thinking about bringing the ties in for some time. So why haven’t I? Well, sometimes I just forget to do stuff. I can actively be thinking about bringing my ties inside when I’m turning down Haskell Street, but by the time I reach my driveway a half-mile away, the thoughts have been pushed out of my head by other, more important stuff. Like how the Red Sox’s new third basemen looks suspiciously like he should be a character on the Simpsons, or how the Hood one-quart plastic milk bottle may be the worst designed food packaging of all time (you just try to open that damn bottle and pour milk on your cereal without spilling milk all over your hands and the counter, go on, I dare you.)

But today, I would not be denied, five crumpled ties, out of the car, into the closet. Sure, it’s not a big deal like getting married or even getting published in a reputable literary magazine, or using a power tool, but in the grand scheme of things, I will take it as a major accomplishment for the day.


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